About Us

A large number of persons have varying levels of behavioural peculiarities. We prefer to call them Special. There are some who do not have the ability to adjust themselves to day to day life or to perform regular activities due to specific physical inability or mental conditions. Our goal at SCGC is to support these Special children – between 2-18 years in maximizing their potential and make them productive members of the society to the fullest extent possible.

The discrimination and prejudice that the disabled have suffered for centuries, and unfortunately are still facing need to be eradicated. This requires the right vision, willingness to join hands with others and confidence that people with disabilities have the potential to overcome the obstacles and barriers to education, employment, useful information, physical environment, travel and transport. All this must change and it will

The Beginning

With only 3 students, the Shrirampur Child Guidance Centre was formed in January 1986. Without any such Special School in the locality, the road was rocky – indifference, unconcern and resistance to change hindered the challenge to run the school effectively. However, with grit, determination and courage, the school developed slowly and steadily through grants and public donations. Today, we have over 150 children being groomed and developed by 30 trained teachers and non-teaching staff.

Our Objectives

•    To bring every child with emotional disturbances, behavioural disorders and physical challenges under the preview of special guidance;
•    Rehabilitate these children with special needs within the limitations of their abilities;
•    In order help them attain economic and social freedom, we engage them in sheltered workshop activities by involving them in self-advocacy campaigns, by enabling them to participate in society on the same basis as non-disabled people, by removing the isolation, which most of them experience in their daily lives.